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How to Install Car Mats Properly?

Dec. 22, 2022
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Car mats fit the floor of your vehicle and help protect the carpet underneath from dirt, debris and moisture. Car mats come in many different styles and sizes, so it's important to find the right one for your vehicle. By performing a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily install the right car mats.




1. Remove All Existing Floor Mats and Yellow Safety Stickers

Remove all existing foot mats from your vehicle prior to installation.
This first step is critical. You must remove all existing mats from your vehicle before installing new mats. Failure to remove an installed floor mat will result in the floor mat or mats not being installed properly. This could interfere with the brake pedal and gas pedal and result in unsafe conditions for operating the vehicle!

2. Clean the Floor of Your Vehicle Thoroughly

After removing the full floor mats, we recommend that you clean the floor of your vehicle. Use a vacuum to sweep the carpet to help reduce the amount of dust and debris that will accumulate later and to reduce any potential damage or stains that may occur. If a vacuum is not available, you can use a dry rag to brush off debris.

3. Determine the correct side

In most cases, floor mats are clearly labeled as to which side of the vehicle they belong. lhs (left-hand side) or rhs (right-hand side) are usually molded on the bottom side of the corresponding floor liner adjacent to the part number. Floor liners can only be installed on the correct side of the vehicle, so if you are having problems installing them correctly, double check quickly that you have the correct floor mats or floor liners for that side of the vehicle.

4. Double-check the fixtures

Take a moment to double-check that your vehicle has the factory-supplied tie-down hooks installed in the floor.

5. Installing a floor mat or floor liner on the driver's side

Secure your floor liner using the tie downs provided in the vehicle.
Place the floor mat into the driver's side foot space, making sure to align the retaining hooks or grommets (if applicable). The retaining loops can be engaged by applying some force to the top of the loops to "snap" them into the mounting posts. If your floor mats use retaining hooks, make sure they are fully inserted into the holes and lay flat on the carpet of the vehicle. You can quickly test that the fastening system is properly engaged by pulling the mats forward. Do not use floor mats if you cannot properly secure them to the floor. Failure to properly install the floor mat or mats could cause loss of control of the vehicle and result in death or serious injury!

6. Test pedals

Test the movement of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal to ensure that it does not affect their range.
After double checking that the foot mats are secure, take a moment to test the range of motion of the vehicle's gas pedal, brake and clutch (if applicable) pedals before proceeding to install the passenger side foot mats. Everyone should be able to move smoothly through the entire range of motion without any interference from the floor mats or floor mats.

7. Install floor mats or floor liners on the passenger side

Repeat steps 4 through 6 to complete the installation of the passenger side floor mat.
Repeat step 5 for the floor mat or floor liner marked RHS to complete the passenger side installation!

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