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Advantages Of Electric Golf Carts

Nov. 26, 2022
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If you’re looking to get a golf cart, you’re not the only one wanting to add these convenient vehicles to your arsenal. These machines can be used for a variety of purposes, such as landscaping work, gardening, farming, going around college campuses or event locations, running short errands around your neighborhood and so much more.


Advantages Of Electric Golf Carts


Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes you can end up annoying the golfers around you if you use your gas golf cart because these vehicles produce harmful emissions. Electric golf carts are environmentally friendly and produce no emissions at all. Even the fact that they don’t require frequent parts replacements makes them more “green” than their gas counterparts. 


Lower Initial Cost

The exact price of your final electric buggy will depend on the make and model, and there are plenty of models that are on the expensive side. As a general rule, though, electric golf carts are much cheaper than gas-powered ones. This is because their internal composition is not as complicated as a gas model and they require fewer components to help them function.


Lower Operational Cost

New golf carts are cheaper to operate for the same reason that they are cheaper to buy. A gas model will require oil changes and parts replacements over time, which will rack up both labor and material expenses. An electric buggy only needs its batteries replaced from time to time and a battery water check about once a month. Maintain your battery well and it’ll last you around five years!


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Your electric golf cart has fewer than fifty moving parts, while their gas counterparts are equipped with more than a thousand. This means that electric buggies have a greater resale or trade-in value than gas ones. In fact, if you look at any used golf cart inventory, you’ll see very few well-maintained gas models because they just don’t hold their value well. 


No Noise Pollution

It is possible to arm your gas golf cart with a muffler but it’s impossible to completely silence the engine noises. This can end up disturbing the peace of the golf greens. Electric golf carts were designed to be as quiet as possible and are even employed for hunting because they don’t scare away the wildlife. If your residential area has laws against noise pollution, an electric buggy is the one for you. 


Great Performance

Earlier electric buggies were lower performing than their gas counterparts but the newer models have amped performance and quicker acceleration and can easily meet the performance capabilities of gas models. With options like regenerative braking, you can even recharge the batteries when the car slows down or goes downhill. 


Ease of Use

Owning an electric golf cart is certainly easier on the mind and pocket than owning a gas one. You don’t have to constantly spend money on fuel and you’ll spend much less time and money on maintenance. With electric buggies, you can go to places where gas-powered carts are banned because of their emissions. You can also charge them from any standard power outlet. 

We hope you find this information helpful in making a decision! If you need more information or are ready to check out electric golf carts for sale in Lexington and Louisville, KY, contact Dever Golf Car Sales and have a chat with one of our helpful staff members. We’re also here for all your golf cart repair and rentals needs!



We hope you find this information helpful in making a decision!
As Golf carts are getting more popular, our aim is to help you to find some of the best electric golf carts on the market to fit you. Contact us for more information.

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