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Can You Put Bigger Tires on Your Vehicle?

Feb. 15, 2023
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If you're wondering, "Can I use bigger tires on my car?" The answer is usually "depending on the situation". Before you buy this new set of wheels, there are a few things you should know about putting bigger tires on your car.

While there are many benefits to larger tires, potential buyers should consider how larger tires affect the vehicle's stability, safety, fuel economy and speedometer accuracy. We always recommend that you follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations regarding tire selection and sizing.



Larger diameter

This involves installing larger diameter wheels and lower profile tires of the same diameter as the original tires - which means it won't affect ground clearance or the speedometer. In some cases, upsizing can help improve the vehicle's cornering and handling performance. In most cases, however, it's purely a style choice. Our expert technicians can help guide you on whether and how to upsize your vehicle's tires.



This means installing larger diameter tires to deviate from the manufacturer's recommended tire size. Upsizing affects the speedometer, which means it requires reprogramming of the vehicle's computer.
In addition, larger tires add weight to the wheel assembly - which can affect fuel economy and place undue stress on the powertrain and brakes. If not planned or installed correctly, larger tires can also rub on the wheels, brake calipers or frame, potentially wearing out any parts they grind.


Wholesale All Terrain Tires

Wholesale All Terrain Tires


What happens when larger tires are installed?

When you install larger tires on your car, SUV, crossover or light truck, you increase the clearance of your vehicle - increasing body roll and load transfer, which can negatively affect your car's balance and speed.


Pros Increased clearance

Perhaps the most significant benefit of larger tires is the extra distance it creates between your vehicle's landing gear and the ground. This is especially important for off-road enthusiasts who need the extra space to clear rough terrain. The higher clearance also helps the driver see further on and off the road.


Cons: Increased cost

While new rims and lift kits are often an ideal and stylish addition to larger tires, they also represent an additional cost that you must consider when deciding!
In addition, a larger set of tires means you'll need to adjust the speedometer and possibly the tire pressure target data to accurately reflect the correct speed, the corresponding correct mileage, and any changes in target PSI with the new wheels.


Pros: Better off-road performance

Finding the right size all-terrain or maximum traction tires for SUV can make its performance stand out. With deeper, wider tread to grip uneven and loose terrain, maximum traction tires are tough enough to go anywhere!


Cons: Reduced fuel economy

All those extra tires can seriously reduce fuel economy. Bigger, more aggressive tires are great for remote trails, but can be noisy and inefficient on paved roads. Deeper and wider treads can increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle, which means your car has to work harder to overcome the "stickiness" of all that extra traction.


Pros: Customization and curb appeal

Bigger tires - often accompanied by larger rims and higher suspension - are a popular trend among truckers. While some people want the off-road benefits of bigger tires, sometimes bigger wheels are all about style points. Upgrading tire sizes is one way to customize the look and feel of your driving machine.


Cons: the change in handling

Naturally, the increased height of larger tires means you have a higher center of gravity. This changes the handling of the vehicle by increasing body roll and load transfer. In some cases, you may experience less stability when braking and cornering - especially at high speeds.


Trusted Tire Recommendations

Want to upgrade your vehicle's tires but don't know where to start? Contact DoubleKing to talk to our experts about all things large-size off-road tires. We'll help you pick the right size, type and tread pattern for your make and model so you get the tires you need to get the driving experience you've always wanted.



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