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What Different Types of Seals Do I Have on My Vehicle?

Mar. 23, 2023
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You might be surprised at the applications and designs of oil seals. Used in cars, farm trucks, construction vehicles and more, HONGLEI seals specialize in making seals that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments.

From the mechanics under the hood to the wheels and trunk, seals help keep everything inside the vehicle working properly. Let's take a closer look at some of the parts of the car where seals come into play.

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The Engine

The engine is, without a doubt, the most important part of any car. It is the heart of the car, and seals are critical to keeping the car running reliably

Seals are used throughout the engine to keep the oil where it should be and to protect the inner workings of the engine from dust and debris, all of which are in good supply on the road.

Interior System Motors

All of the interior system motors in your car use seals. This includes the vacuum motors that open and close the vents, and the vacuum motors that move your windshield wiper motor.

The motors that roll the windows up and down are also fitted with seals to keep dirt and moisture out and to keep grease or oil out.

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Your car's drivetrain relies on the seals in the water pump shaft seals, the cylinder head gaskets, the gaskets that hold the fluid in the oil pan gaskets, and the seals in the final drive shaft crank seals.

All of these seals experience a variety of temperature variations, from extremely cold to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


The transmission seal is one of the most important components of any vehicle. It controls the power delivered to the wheels so that your car actually moves at the speed you want it to.

The transmission is filled with gears that need to be well lubricated. That's where the seals come in. The transmission has a myriad of seals that keep the oil in.


Wheels and axles

A car is not a car without wheels, and wheels don't turn without axles. Whether it's the half-shaft that drives the front wheels or the drive shaft that controls the differential that turns the rear wheels, axles in a car use rotating and static seals to keep oil out and debris off the road.

Power Steering

Without power steering, it would be very difficult to control your car. Basically, your power steering system helps you by adding extra power so that when you gently turn the steering wheel, the wheels on the car turn accordingly.

Power steering is a very important feature, and it is a system that relies on seals. Power steering systems have a pump and cylinder, all of which use seals to maintain pressure while making our steering sensitive to different speeds.

Auto Parts Oil Seal 1-09625-226-0 OEM be1037e0 SIZE tc3y 78 163 16 for ISUZU 78*163*16

The Future of Automotive Seals

Cars are becoming more and more complex every day. Our cars will brake for you when they sense objects on the road, which will help prevent collisions while driving, parallel park for you, and even do all the driving for you.

Regardless of the type of car or propulsion unit, oil seals are not only an integral part of keeping your vehicle running, but will become more important than ever.

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