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What Kind of Tires Can Be Called Good Tires?

Jan. 05, 2023
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Tires play an important role as one of the most easily removable parts on a car. If the tires are of defective quality, they can directly affect the safety of the driver's and passengers' lives and property. Therefore, what are the characteristics of good tires and how to choose reliable and high quality tires, which deserve the attention of every car owner.


What Kind of Tires Can Be Called Good Tires?


Abrasion resistance


As the car part that has the most contact with the ground, it rubs against the ground almost every day, and whether a tire is wear-resistant or not affects the length of its life.

The wear resistance of a tire can be quantified by the tire wear index, which is the tire's wear life rating. The tread wear index is expressed in numbers, which represent the miles a tire can travel under the same usage conditions. The wear factor is Treadwear XXX. For example, Treadwear 280 means that the tire's wear resistance is 280% of that of a standard tire. It is also important to point out that the higher the wear index of a tire is not the better, since the improvement in wear resistance is often based on the loss of other properties, such as handling and comfort. In general, a wear factor of around 200-350 is sufficient.


Ability to resist heat build-up


Tire friction with the ground will heat up, the tire temperature increases, resulting in an increase in inner tube air pressure, a slight increase in inner tube air pressure during daily driving is normal. But after a long period of sustained high-speed driving, a large amount of heat generated will lead to a sharp increase in tire pressure, like a balloon, the tread will have the risk of bursting, and if the heat is not distributed in a timely manner, too much heat (more than 95 ℃) will also lead to tire delamination, until the tire burst.


What Kind of Tires Can Be Called Good Tires?


Grip and maneuverability


What is the grip of a tire? Simply put, it is whether the tire rubber and the road, under the action of gravity, is prone to slippage. The less slippery it is, the better the grip, otherwise it means the worse the grip of the tire.


The car is driven by the friction between the tires and the ground, or the action and reaction forces, making the car forward and backward, and this friction, is the grip. Therefore, there are three main factors that affect the grip of tires: the first is the friction coefficient between tires and tracks; the second is the size of the tire contact surface; and the third is the vertical load of tires. Of course, the stronger the adhesion between the tires and the ground, then the stronger the friction, the stronger the friction means the stronger the grip of the tires.


The grip ability determines the braking distance and the handling of the car, affecting whether the vehicle can run smoothly and safely, and it is definitely a factor you need to consider when selecting tires.


Your driving style and driving scenarios


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What Kind of Tires Can Be Called Good Tires?



There are a wide variety of tires on the market, and they may do well in some properties (such as wear resistance and heat resistance), but they never cover all properties in a balanced way. Therefore, when selecting tires, you should first understand your needs, for example, depending on your vehicle type, your typical driving time, do you drive more on smooth roads or do you need tires that can handle rough terrain as well? Choosing a good tire is like going to the hospital, blindly using medicine will often aggravate the disease, in this regard, DOUBLE KING is definitely a "doctor" you can trust, which is now one of the largest private tire manufacturers in China, with 30 years of tire production experience, annual production capacity of 12 million semi-steel radial tires. Over the past 30 years, DOUBLE KING tires has made brilliant achievements in the tire industry and have been exported to more than 50 countries.



What Kind of Tires Can Be Called Good Tires?


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