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What should be paid attention to in the process of disassembling the automobile leaf spring

Nov. 09, 2023
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Automobile leaf springs are common parts in automobiles. During the disassembly and assembly of automobile leaf springs, the damaged leaf springs are often caused by some wrong operations. The following is our factory to explain the attention of the leaf springs during the disassembly process:

1. When removing the spring assembly from the vehicle, first remove the spring pin, then remove the spring assembly together with the axle from the outside of the vehicle, and finally remove the spring riding bolt for disassembly.

2. Special tools should be used for the spring, preferably a copper hammer or a copper rod. Remember not to hammer the side and surface of the spring piece.

3. After the leaf spring assembly is removed, the blade of the steel plate must not be broken. The easiest way to check for a fracture is to tap and listen for the sound.

4. When inserting the spring lock, the semicircular groove on the spring lock should align with the positioning bolt hole.

5. There is positioning pressure on the backing plate of the rear plate spring, which will not be damaged during disassembly. This positioning is the positioning of the rear frame system and the rear axle, which cannot be lost and guarantees a certain length of extension.

6. When installing the leaf spring, the gap between the leaves of the leaf spring should be greater than 1.2mm. Before tightening the center bolt, the middle part of the spring group should be tightened, and the center bolt should be tightened after each piece is tightened. Tightening force distances are 40 and 60N/m.

7. Before the leaf spring is installed, each piece of rust must be cleaned and coated with graphite grease.

8. When the spring is installed, the total number of left and right leaf springs should be equal, the total thickness difference should not be greater than 5mm, and the camber angle difference should not be greater than L0mm.

What should be paid attention to in the process of disassembling the automobile leaf spring

9. When installing the leaf spring, the lateral movement of each plate of the leaf spring shall not exceed 2.5mm.

10. During installation, there should be a gap of 0.7 lmm between the steel plate clamp and the steel plates on both sides of the leaf spring. The distance between the steel plate clamping bolt sleeve and the steel plate and the top surface should be 1-3mm. The clamping bolts of the steel plate should be worn from the inside out to prevent the bolts from escaping and scratching the tire.

11. When installing the automobile leaf spring, the riding bolts should be tightened evenly in the horizontal direction, and the tightening torque should be in accordance with the technical requirements, and should be carried out after loading and checking the wheelbase.

12. When the leaf spring assembly is loaded, the steel plate bushing hole and support pin hole can be aligned with the pry bar, and the steel plate pin can be installed, then locked and filled with grease.

13. Before the new car is put into use, or the spring is reassembled, after the spring leaf set is installed, it must be re-checked every 200, 300km, and the "U" bolts and nuts must be tightened under full load, repeat 2 or 3 times.



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