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How To Extend The Service Life Of Electric Bicycle Battery?

Dec. 24, 2022
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1. Use regular brand chargers


At present, the electric bike market is flooded with a large number of poor quality chargers, some miscellaneous electric bikes to reduce costs and improve profits are mostly equipped with such chargers, many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of the charger, greedy for cheap, will also buy this charger, the cost is generally as little as a dozen dollars. The electronic components of this charger are basically made of poor quality materials, easy to damage, often the problem is that the battery is fully charged does not turn the light, can not adjust the charging current according to the battery current, resulting in a large number of battery overcharge, after many times overcharge the battery will charge the battery bad. If the electric bike charger does not work properly, it is recommended to buy a high-quality brand charger from a professional electric bike aftermarket repair store to ensure the quality of charging and extend the service life of the battery.


2. Control the charging time


General new battery charging method is: the first three power remaining 10%-20%, three consecutive charging about 10-12 hours, later in the power remaining 10%-20% charging time of about eight hours, summer charging 6-8 hours, winter charging 8-10 hours, in the battery with a year and a half to two years, please shorten the charging time accordingly! If 8-10 hours does not convert the green light and the battery "hot" please promptly to the aftermarket station repair.



3. Charger dedicated to the ebike


Now many families have two or even more electric bikes, and many electric bikes are different brands, different models, battery models are not the same, the charger is naturally different, can not be universal, the correct approach is to use a special charger, but some electric bike users are in the process of use, will often mix the use, or even take the 60V charger to charge 48V battery, take the 20AH charger to charge 12AH The battery, charging voltage and current mismatch, the battery will cause great damage.


4. The best ambient temperature is 25 ℃

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Generally speaking, the best ambient temperature for electric bike charging is 25℃, but in most cases the ambient temperature does not meet this condition. In actual life, it is best to charge in a dry, ventilated environment without direct sunlight. Be bikeeful not to park electric vehicles indoors, building and other closed space charging, and do not occupy, block the evacuation channel, safety exit.


5. Scientific charging and unplugging


The correct practice is: start charging first plug in the bike, and then connected to 220v power, end charging, first disconnect the power, and then unplug the bike. The advantage of doing so is to protect the battery voltage stability and extend its service life.


6. Placement should also be charged regularly


Electric bike placed do not ride do not forget to give it "supplemental energy"! The battery will be placed for a long time will produce self-discharge phenomenon caused by "running power"! Battery power loss will seriously affect the service life of the battery, when the power loss voltage will become low, the sulphide crystals in the battery will gradually expand to cause irreversible sulfation, resulting in battery power loss and scrap.


Electric bikycle users in daily life if you can pay attention to the above 6 points, basically the battery can be used for a longer period of time.

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