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Your Guide to Car Stop Start Battery

Dec. 26, 2022
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Stop Start, also known as Idle Stop Start (ISS), is a technology which is common in modern vehicles. Stop Start is a fuel saving technology which reduces a vehicle’s fuel consumption & emissions by switching the engine off while the vehicle is stopped. This innovative technology is beneficial for the planet and the wallet.  Here’s your guide to understanding the technology behind Stop Start systems and Stop Start batteries:

What is Stop Start technology?

Modern vehicles with Stop Start systems can detect when the vehicle is not moving and subsequently shut down the engine in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. These features of Stop Start technology are particularly beneficial for those instances where the vehicle is stopped traffic lights, as it eliminated the unnecessary idling of the engine while waiting for a green light. In the same scenario, the engine in vehicles without Stop Start technology would continue to idle, wasting fuel and emitting pollution.


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What is the difference between a Stop Start battery and a normal battery?

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Vehicles with Stop Start systems require a Stop Start battery. Conventional batteries are not suitable for such vehicles and attempting to use one would not only cause premature battery failure. Stop Start batteries are specially designed to handle the constant cycling and frequent high power bursts which are characteristic of Stop Start systems. When the engine is switched, the battery will continue to power all electrical components including the headlights, radio, air conditioner and wipers and will also then deliver the power to start the engine again when required.


What is a Stop Start battery?

Vehicles with Stop Start systems require 5 to 10 times more engine starts when compared to their conventional counterparts. This puts a lot of strain on the vehicle’s battery. In addition to this, the battery is constantly charging and discharging while supporting the vehicle electrical loads when the engine is stopped. This is why a powerful Stop Start battery is needed. There are two different types of batteries for vehicles with Stop Start systems - Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. 

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